Pupil Outcomes

End of Key Stage 2 Outcomes for 2022/23

Please see below for further details of the End of Key Stage 2 Outcomes secured by our Year 6 cohort in 2022/23. We would like to extend a huge congratulations to the pupils and families in last year's Year 6 cohort who should be very proud of the outcomes they achieved. 

Securing strong pupil outcomes is one way we ensure that pupils at Earley St Peter's build strong foundations for their future. 


- Pupils at Earley St Peter's achieve above national averages in all areas 

- In comparison to Local Averages, pupils are in line or above in all subjects (Reading, Writing, Maths) 

- The number of pupils who achieve the higher standard (Greater Depth) at Earley St Peter's is above Local and National figures (WBC maths attainment +4%)  


Further information about pupil outcomes at Earley St Peter's can be found here:


Please use the link below to access further information on school performance tables.